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Nose and Mid-Face Prosthetics

Nose or mid face prostheses takes a week to a week and a half to complete, from initial consultation to fitting. Nose prostheses support eyeware and restores facial symmetry and advances body image. Nose prostheses can be retained by implants, skin adhesives and if hand dexterity is an issue, nose prostheses may be held in place by other mechanical means like attaching them to a pair of glasses. Whether the nose has been removed as a result of trauma, cancer treatment, burns or self inflicted gunshot,  allow us to provide you with something that you will be confident wearing. Financial coverage is available and we can assist you through the process. Will require doctors requisition. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

A few examples of recent completed nose and mid face cases

“Thank you for your outstanding service and professionalism.”


“Great job Jack. Cant express what a difference the prosthesis has made in my life. Highly recommended”


"Dedication and service you provide is fantastic. Now I can confidently go out in public again and not have people stare or whisper around me. Extremely grateful"


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