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Finger or Toe Prosthetics

Finger prostheses can be done in one week and only require 3-4 visits from initial consultation to delivery. Restoring the length to the amputated finger assists in the function of your damaged hand. The highly durable material protects the sensitive tip of your finger from unintentional knocks. Whether you have WCB,  private insurance, or are self funding, we can help you with the process. Whenever you work with Realistic Prosthetic Studio, you can trust that you’re in great hands.

A few examples of recent completed  finger and toe cases

"Awesome finger, very immpressed”


“Thank you for doing such a splendid job in making my prosthesis appear so life like the caliber of your work is exemplary”


"After losing parts of two fingers on my right hand I found that my work suffered and I would tend to hide and protect my hand. Mr. Zolty's professional attitude and remarkable 'life like prosthetic finger replacements have enabled me to resume working and continue my life as it was before the accident.  Thanks again Jack for your great work"


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