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What can I expect and what should I bring to the first assessment meeting?

During the first visit we will assess and plan for your particular requirements and discuss and answer questions that you might have regarding your expectations about the process.  Please bring any referral letters from your doctor, OT or surgeon to your first meeting. You will need your current BC Care card, or any Insurance documents for example, WCB claim numbers, ICBC file numbers or private insurance details.  If your appointment is for facial prosthetics it will be very helpful if you could bring any photo's that you might have from before surgery.
At the end of our first meeting together you will have a clear plan and understanding of what will be involved. Be assured I will be available for you every step of the way.

How long does the prostheses last and How do I care for my new facial or finger prosthesis?

Your prosthesis is made out of a highly durable silicone material specifically formulated for your requirements. Facial prosthetic material can last up to one and a half to two and a half years through careful maintenance. Finger or hand prosthetics however, if used everyday for your daily activities usually last between a year to a year and a half before it becomes unsightly and will be required to be remade.  The silicone material that we use at Realistic Prosthetic Studio is carefully selected from the manufacturers for specific ISO  physical properties; that have been tested under rigorous  testing procedures. The prosthetic material is nearly indestructible, temperature does not affect it. However if exposed over time to smoke or sulfides in the environment like, barbecue, cigarette or environmental, it will shorten the life of the prostheses and will alter the color and durability of the silicone, which can result in it having to be remade. 

What if I am not satisfied with Realistic Prosthetic Studio?

Speak with me, tell me your concerns. I will do absolutely everything that  I can to ensure you leave happy, confident and satisfied with your prosthesis and I will always be available to you.

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